The contents of this website © Silver Maxwell and Rookie Maxwell 2021.

Except for quotes or references, all the words on this website are written by Rookie Maxwell.

And all the images (including images of words) are by Silver Maxwell.

She has created them mostly from her own photos but has also incorporated and mashed works by other people.

Thank you, amazing artists, for creating your work and putting it out in the world.

Silver’s photos, along with your visual works, form the raw material from which the images in this site are created.

She hopes your work is honoured here.

Special thanks to:
Maria Badasian for photographs of this young man here and here on Unsplash downloaded 23 August 2019.
Annie Spratt for two photos downloaded from Unsplash on 23 September 2020. They’re blended and edited to make the image in quitequilt and its accompanying thumbnail here. Also a detail of another photo by Annie Spratt (downloaded 29 January 2021) is used as the floral component in the current image on the home page.

If you see an image of an art work or anything else that originates with you – or a photo of yourself – and you want it acknowledged or removed, please email Silver:



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